How to Talk to Your Doctor About Medical Cannabis: Advice from Iona Cannabis Clinic

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Medical Cannabis

There’s no reason to dread talking to your doctor about medical marijuana – instead, we want you to feel hopeful that a new solution is on the horizon. Medical marijuana is available for qualifying patients in Florida, and there’s nothing wrong with utilizing it to improve the quality of your life.

Here’s how to have a productive conversation about medical marijuana with your doctor:

Prepare Your Case

When you discuss how you think medical marijuana can help you, be prepared to discuss:

  • Your medical history and how other treatments have failed in the past

This gives your doctor insight into what you’ve tried and how it’s affected you.

  • How do you think medical marijuana will help relieve your symptoms, along with other relevant benefits?

This shows that you’ve thought this treatment plan through and done your research.

  • The potential side effects of medical marijuana

Having a balanced viewpoint of this treatment helps to make your case for the use of medical cannabis.

Know Some Doctors May Object

Some doctors hear the word ‘marijuana’ and instantly shut down the conversation. Even if your primary doctor’s initial reaction leaves much to be desired, there’s no reason to be afraid to push the conversation further. If you truly believe that this treatment option can improve your quality of life, it’s your job to advocate for yourself, or reach out to a clinic like ours that has the experience and knowledge to help.

Know How to Start the Discussion

Jumping into the conversation is the hardest part for a lot of patients. We recommend bringing up a positive news story about medical marijuana, a personal story from someone you know, or something you read in a medical journal. These starters let you gauge how your doctor feels about medical marijuana, and allow you to shape the rest of the conversation yourself. What To Look For In A Medical Marijuana Doctor in Southwest Florida

Medical Marijuana in Florida

While the use of medical marijuana is still a fairly new concept for doctors in Florida, Iona Cannabis Clinic has hope that the industry will catch up to this effective treatment method as time goes on.

For more information on how to start the medical marijuana conversation, get in touch with us today.