Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

“I’m amazed. I wish more people would see a marijuana doctor.” “Now, when I go to bed, I go to sleep.”
Ken S., 67, Ft Myers

“I have my life back.”
Patient Age 66

“We are so happy we think it’s awesome.”
Age 72

“We were out of pain in less than a week.”
Age 73

“I have benefited from medical marijuana.”

“I was an avoider. I was against any type of marijuana use”

“I was raised in a religious environment that frowned on drug use.”

“Medical marijuana has allowed me to be present in my daily activities instead of focusing on my pain.”

“I got my medical license. I stopped the pills and started living.”
Patient Age 67

“Just wanted to Thank You Again for all your help. You were extremely patient with me and knowledgeable. Your training and dedication allowed you to pull a rabbit out of a hat. I do not know how to express my gratitude and Thanks. What was taking me months worth of failed attempts, you did from another county via a phone call.
You are amazing at what you do.”
Staff Kudos

“I am having a greater quality of life.”

“I am able to eat!”

“I can tie my shoes again.”
Patient Age 65

“First time in 30 years I don’t have pain in every joint of my body. Able to paint my toenails for the first time in one year.”
62-year-old female

“Tell Dr. Sonn my neuropathy is gone; I can drive a car for the first time in years”

“Thank you for everything. The plan you put together for me is really working. My adhd is under control. My weight is going up and i just feel 100% better. Ican never thank you enough for taking the times to help me and other like me. Your a great doctor. Thank you again.”

“Great place and awesome doctor who cares! Thanks for changing my life for the better!”
– Alicia

– Cari!

“Dr. Sonn is a caring physician who really takes the time to listen and explain, and the staff is friendly and helpful. A very comfortable and comforting atmosphere. I’m so greatful, thank you!”

“Feeling better, got me walking”
– CT age 90